Thursday, April 28, 2011

My new kitchen

As everyone probably knows, I recently moved to a new apartment in Dartmouth. I was so excited and anxious to move but the one thing I wasn't excited about was downsizing my kitchen space. Fortunately Mark and I found a kitchen that was almost big enough to fit our storage needs and is a lot more modern and new than our old grungy kitchen at the last apartment we lived at.

This is the view when you first turn the corner into my kitchen space!

This is all my cupboard space which may be small, but I have amazingly fit all my stuff in there..well, almost!
My tini-weenie oven and fridge, but my oven does not scorch food anymore!

My little dining area!

I know to some of you, this doesn't look like much of a kitchen, but compared to my last house it is a very fabulous one. In the city, space is hard to come by and this is even a huge kitchen compared to a few we looked at!
I don't start work for about another 2 weeks, so foodie updates and recipes will be coming. I have been living off meringues for the weekend getting sugary bursts of energy so I will be posting a recipe for those and some delicious breads and healthy recipes I've wanted to try. 

Until next time,

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