Wednesday, May 4, 2011

30 Foodie Questions

I know some of you may want to know more about my tastes and likes in the foodie world. I made this questionnaire and Mark and I decided to do it together. If you want to do it, you can too and post it in the comments! I hope you enjoy and learn more about me!

Foodie Questionnaire

1. What food  would you make calorie-free?

Jacqueline - chocolate
Mark - bacon

2. What is your biggest food craving you have most?
Jacqueline - chocolate
Mark - cheeseburgers

3. What is the best meal you've ever had?

Jacqueline - The lasagna I made for our family before Mark and I moved to Dartmouth and the lemon chiffon cake I made that day for dessert.
Mark - The valentines day meal Jacqueline made for me this year - homemade caesar salad, stuffed ricotta shells and molten chocolate cakes.

4. What is your signature dish?

Jacqueline - Lasagna or macaroni & cheese
Mark - Spaghetti marinara with sausages

5. What is your ultimate comfort meal?
Jacqueline - Spaghetti and meatballs or cream peas on toast
Mark - Chicken cacciatore

6. What is your ultimate comfort dessert?

Jacqueline - Rhubarb custard pie or flour less brownies
Mark - Cherry cheesecake

7. What is a type of food you would love to try?

Jacqueline - Brazillian food.
Mark - Middle eastern.

8. How spicy can you handle your food?

Jacqueline - I would say medium spicy.
Mark - I like it hot!

9. If you were going to die, what would you want as your last meal?

Jacqueline - Spaghetti marinara that Mark would make and a big fat chocolate cake.
Mark - Jacqueline's macaroni and cheese and toberone cheesecake.

10. What meal do you remember loving most in your childhood?

Jacqueline - Rappie pie or peas on toast.
Mark - Grilled chicken wings.

Favorites & Worst :

11. Favorite food

Jacqueline - Spaghetti carbonara
Mark - Chicken cacciatore

12. Favorite type of food

Jacqueline - Italian
Mark - Italian

13. Favorite dessert

Jacqueline - Blueberry pie or chocolate cake.
Mark - Toberone cheesecake

14. Favorite cookie

Jacqueline - White chocolate macadamia
Mark - Chocolate chip.

15. Favorite beverage

Jacqueline - Lemon ice tea
Mark - Pepsi

16. Favorite fast food place

Jacqueline - Subway
Mark - Mcdonald's

17. Favorite fast food meal

Jacqueline - Sweet onion chicken teriyaki on herb & cheese bread.
Mark - Big Mac combo.

18. Favorite restaurant

Jacqueline - Il Mercato
Mark - Il Mercato

19.  Worst fast food place

Jacqueline - Dairy queen
Mark - doesn't have one.

20. Worst restaurant

Jacqueline - Harbour's end 
Mark - Amano

21. Favorite candy

Jacqueline - Wine gums or soda pop gummies
Mark - Nerds

22. Favorite snack

Jacqueline - Creamy dill baked chips
Mark - ketchup chips

23. Favorite coffee beverage

Jacqueline - Coffee with milk & sugar
Mark - Iced cappuccino

24. Favorite type of salad

Jacqueline - Greek
Mark - Caesar

25. Favorite condiment

Jacqueline - Honey mustard or homemade relish
Mark - Mayonnaise

26. Favorite spice -

Jacqueline - Cinnamon
Mark - Pepper

27. Favorite meat

Jacqueline - Chicken
Mark - Chicken

28. Favorite veggie

Jacqueline - Broccoli
Mark - Onions or garlic

29. Favorite fruit

Jacqueline - Blueberries
Mark - Strawberries

30. Sandwich

Jacqueline - Prosciutto and goat cheese or tuna & pickles
Mark - BLT

I hope you guys enjoy this post. A recipe will be posted tomorrow!

Until next time, 


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