Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cora's Review

Who loves a delicious, fresh brunch? I do and most people I know do as well. Mark and I are extremely big fans of Cora's restaurant. It's pretty much our go-to brunch place now that we have one near by.
They had a new item for spring when we had gone - ciabatta bread dipped in french toast batter with berries, raspberry coulis and english cream! And that is what I got. It was called Berry Morning Call and it was definitely my yummy brunch calling. Mark acctually didn't have much trouble finding what he wanted this time and of course it was me who helped make his choice..sadly. He ordered the Gargantuans Feast and it was all because I simply stated - "I can't believe you have never ordered the gargantuans feast." Well he did, and when I can say he thought it was delicious, I know he would never order it again. This meal included, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, beans, creton spread, toast, fruit, potatoes and a pancake. It is a very large and overwhelming meal to eat. And he ate it all - it was a man vs. food moment for us. Needless to say he didn`t eat again until 9PM that night, hence the never ordering it again. I would like my fiancee to eat my food.

 Our place-mats!
 Mark's Gargantuan Feast
My yummy Berry Morning Call.

If you have ever been to Cora`s you know that its simple, fresh, delicious and always a good yummy meal. It has some of the best breakfast food I have ever eaten at a restaurant ever. Definitely a ten out of ten in my book!
Please share your favorites with me if you have eaten at Cora`s as well. I would love to hear them.

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