Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Acton's in Wolfville, NS Review + My Cupcake Kitchen Haul

Last friday, Mark and I embarked on an adventure to Wolfville to look for some wedding things and get some great food. Even though we weren't very successful in finding any wedding things I was looking for, we did find a few cute kitchen accessories and had a fabulous meal.

Every single time we were in Wolfville, we always walked by a restaurant called Acton's and I was always super intrigued by their specials displayed outside and the classy decor you could see from the windows. Honestly, I figured the food would just be okay and I would be super starving an hour later. Let's just say I really was wrong, it was one of the best meals I've ever had at a restaurant.

The restaurant has so many windows bringing in the light! They also have a balcony too!
The inside! So Classy.
The lunch specials they had that day.
 We walked in, and who must be the owner invited us to the restaurant and seated us. The waiter was super nice, explained the specials and gave us our water and menus. The menu seemed pretty posh for the prices and I was still skeptical of how much food we would really end up getting.

Mark ordered a gorgeous dish of mushroom risotto with beef tenderloin. He LOVED it. He also says it was one of the best restaurant meals he's every had and I tasted it, and must say I've never tasted meat so tender. Super yum!
Check out this gorgeous dish!
I wasn't too sure what to order but ended up getting oven broiled haddock with caesar salad. Totally to die for I must say; cooked perfectly and melt in your mouth. The salad was so tasty, well presented and definitely didn't taste like it came from a package like some other restaurants.
Yum yum yum!

Check out this fish! So delish!
Then came dessert. We ordered french chocolate cake with mocha icing. The icing didn't taste very mocha-like, but it was still super rich chocolate goodness. If you know me at all, you know I would pretty much die for chocolate and this was just what I needed.
It tasted even better than it looks..seriously!
If you ever, ever happen to make your way to Wolfville, please just go to Acton's. You will NOT be disappointed.

As for my kitchen accessories, we had to kill some time before the restaurant opened, so we headed to Pharmasave to look around. Of course the first thing I see in there is a huge section of cupcake kitchen stuff. They had aprons, tablecloths, dish towels, etc. Mark bought me the oven mitts and a dish towel that I love so much! His mom bought me a gorgeous cupcake apron from Stokes when she was visiting, so I`m all cup caked out in my kitchen for now!

 I hope you guys enjoy this post! I'll post my healthy lunch ideas next time I write!

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