Sunday, September 25, 2011

My 21st Birthday Celebrations

My birthday celebrations weren't too exciting to me this year at first. It seems as if God has something against me this time of year. Two days before my birthday I caught a cold. This is pretty much inevitable. Every single year, at this time I start sneezing and coughing like a fool. It definitely wasn't a good start but it ended pretty fabulously.

My day started with a delicious brunch at Nectar Social House. This restaurant makes me feel like I'm a super fabulous, important person. If you ever have a chance to go there, just go. It's super yum food and has such an uplifting atmosphere. The only problem I had was that brunch only starts at eleven-thirty. I think it should start at ten-thirty or eleven, but that's just me.

As per usual, Mark and I had looked at the menu beforehand, so I already knew what I want to eat. I ordered the asparagus crepes that had scrabbled eggs and local bacon inside. They were doused in a buttery sauce, and I had potatoes on the side. Mark ordered the steak and eggs. Such a man thing to do! It was a gorgeous steak with potatoes, crusty bread and scrambled eggs. It was one of the best brunches I've had at a restaurant in a long time.

After Brunch we headed to Halifax Shopping Centre. I have been begging Mark to bring me since Sephora opened and he finally brought me. I ended up buying the gorgeous True Blood palette by Tarte. Okay, I know its ridiculously expensive, but it was my birthday. After that, we browsed around. Everything had changed so much there.
I love the packaging!

Gorgeous colors!
 And then I remembered the candy apple store. It's a chocolate store that has giant candy apples, chocolate covered marshmallows, fudge, cookies and different sweet popcorn's. Of course, me being a sweet-tooth (understatement of the year) and Mark loving anything junk food (this is definitely true!) got a giant cookie. It had marshmallows, peanut butter, caramel, white chocolate, milk chocolate and who knows what else. And it was good. So good, it took 3 different times that day to actually eat it all. We tried to savour it, so we shared a 1/3 at a time!
Looks good, huh?

Of course we had our ritual trip to Starbucks and headed home and watched sex and the city 2. Sex and the city 1 was on the night before, so we had to finish the series. It's just what we do!
Ah, and before I forget. Mark cooked me my favorite foods. Spaghetti carbonara and my favorite carrot cake. I always pick the richest foods for my birthday! Only once a year I guess! Mark did a great job making my supper though, and I really appreciated a day out of the kitchen that day. I usually cook my own birthday meals- and usually want to. Weird, I know.
Mark did this all on his own! How cute!
love my hello kitty's!

Anyways, that pretty much ended my day. I ended up having a spa day yesterday, since I couldn't have it done last Saturday. Spa days are going to become a necessity in my life. If you have ever thought about having one, stop thinking and just go! So so worth it.

I hope you all enjoyed my extremely long post.

Until next time,

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