Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh, Prince Edward Island..

Mark and I went on a sort of pre-honeymoon last weekend.  We just arrived home today, and we are already missing the quiet, clean air.  It seems like forever since I've slept in complete darkness, and woken to gorgeous sun peaking in the windows.  Our shades are super dark here at home..sun isn't as welcome.

I felt this trip would be a foodie adventure, even though much of the food is exactly like it is here.  Except, it is a bit cheaper.  Mark and I come from the land of the lobster and we knew that was what we would get there, but we enjoyed it.  I got seafood chowder twice!  It was even better than my own, something I really don't like to admit!  However, we did have a bit of an unpleasant eating experience, but we wont mention that one!

I'll give you guys a little sneak peak into our weekend of relaxation!  Also, if you ever go to PEI, eat seafood chowder until it comes out of your ears.  It really is that good. Enjoy the pictures..

First morning breakfast..every morning started with fruit! yum..

this was the best french toast..stuffed with apple pie filling!

pretty self-explanatory..ate lots of this!

best baked was smoked I believe with raspberry coulis & mandarins..very good.

overcooked pasta with yummy prawns..was quite disappointed about this..

Marks pasta with bison meatballs. his pasta was overcooked too..but bison was excellent.
Another yummy breakfast..eggs Cavendish.. instead of an english muffin, it's a hashbrown. loved this!
Mark's cheeseburger at the beach..

Delish seafood chowder at the beach..

and our last breakfast..light as air waffles. I think it was the best waffle I've ever had!
Most of the places we loved most, I didn't even take pictures of because I forgot my camera. But if you ever go to PEI, go to the Globe restaurant in Charlottetown, especially on a Sunday.  Very relaxing.

Until next time,

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